expertise and experience
LHI Competitive Edge – What makes LHI Different
  • Almost all LHI expert panel members are AUC instructors with strong academic background in addition to remarkable practice experience.
  • The diversity of LHI expert panel members enriches the problem solving capacity of LHI team and offers LHI customers a wider range of tailored solutions.
  • Large percentage of LHI experts have strong impact over healthcare reform efforts in the region with deep understanding of the chronic challenges healthcare sector faces in this area of the world.
  • LHI international affiliations gives you the capacity to have performance improvement goals on both the individual level through training & education activities and organizational level through professional consultations which adds to your certainty towards desired outcomes.
  • LHI covers the whole region with a wide network of offices and smooth appearances in KSA, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Emirates and the rest of the MENA region countries.
  • Working with LHI grants you marked market exposure through its annual healthcare quality symposium and via participating in national & international conferences & workshops.