history and achievement
A track record of success.

Conducted more than 40 Postgraduate Diplomas on several related fields, including:

  • Total Quality Management in Healthcare Reform
  • Healthcare & Hospital Management
  • Professional Certificates in Infection Prevention and Control



Conducted more than 50 Programs and workshop for related certifications, including:

  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality CPHQ.
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management CPHRM.
  • Certified Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution CBSPD.
  • Certified Professional in Patient Safety CPPS.
  • Applying Statistical Process Control in Healthcare SPC.
  • And other courses on Healthcare Quality.



Providing the Healthcare Providers Chamber (HCP) in Egypt with continuous development and training programs in quality improvement for its members. 


Successful Accreditation Projects 

  • Wadi El-Neel Hospital Egypt – Cairo


Accredited with a prominent score by JCI accreditation 2013. 

  • Al Rafie Hospital Saudi Arabia,  Makkah


Achieved CBAHI accreditation 2014. 

  • Prince Salman Hospital Saudi Arabia, Riyadh


Achieved JCI accreditation 2014. 

  • Al Iman Hospital Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Achieved JCI accreditation 2014. 


Accreditation Projects in Progress

  • International Medical Center,  Cairo


Work-in-progress targeting JCI accreditation. 

  • Urology & Nephrology Center,  Mansoura, Egypt
  • Primary Healthcare Sector, Riyadh



Targeting 100 PHC centers CBAHI accreditation over 2 years.

International Events & Conferences 


Organizing and conducting the Annual Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Symposium

  • Access to Accreditation D Future Vision , Jeddah 2008
  • Accreditation: from Theory to Practice , Jeddah 2009
  • Accreditation: Passing Over the Challenges, Alexandria 2010
  • Inevitability of Change , Cairo 2012
  • Accelerating Your Capacity for Change , Dubai 2014